About Us


The purpose of the Memphis Horticultural Society (MHS) shall be the study of plants and the exchange of information among the members on the care, cultivation and propagation of plants, their design in the garden, and their survival and protection in the natural environment.

It shall also be the purpose of the Society to serve as a source of information for and a link between the horticultural community and the media, the general public and future generations.

History of MHS

The MHS was founded in the late 1980’s by a group of passionate local plant enthusiasts with a vision. Today it has a membership of over 250, and continues to be a key component of local garden information by providing a monthly venue for general horticultural interests in the Mid-South.

Want more history? Learn how things got started and a list of the folks involved in creating this great organization.

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Constitution and Bylaws

This organization is governed by the Constitution and Bylaws which were originally adopted by the founding members. This document can be amended by the voting board members.

View the full text of this document and the amendments to date.

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Award For Horticultural Excellence

The MHS gives an award annually: The Memphis Horticultural Society’s Award of Horticultural Excellence is presented to a member who serves as a link between the horticultural community, the media, and the general public.

Learn more about the current and past recipients.

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MHS dues are paid by the calendar year, January – December.

For 2024, the dues are:

$30 – Individual Membership

$45 – Dual Membership (two people at the same address)


Your gift enables us to do even more! 

Silver Donor – Additional gift of $25

Gold Donor – Additional gift of $50

Platinum Donor – Additional gift of $75

Diamond Donor – Additional gift of $100

* Any amount above the regular dues could be tax deductible.  Please check with your accountant.

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Meeting Dates and Location

1st Tuesday of every month

6:00 pm, Goldsmith Civic Garden Center auditorium

Memphis Botanic Garden

750 Cherry Road • Memphis, TN 38117

2024 Officers and Board of Directors

President – Anne Ballentine

Vice-President – Mary Bonds

Secretary – Mary-Lee Hood

Treasurer – Steve Scheer

Ways & Means – Fay Brown

Programs – Norma Montesi

Communications – Caroline Brown

Membership – Kelly Grayson

Immediate Past President – Val Tingley

Committee Chairs

Hospitality – Val Tingley

Native Plant Education – Toot Fineberg-Buchner & Suzy Askew