We became enchanted with sedums a long time ago and not so far away.  What started as an addition to our collection and propagation of ground covers and related plants soon became an important part of our exciting trip down the rabbit hole of horticulture.

Sedum, from the Latin word meaning ‘to sit’, has a very shallow root system except for Hylotelephium (Autumn Joy).  For some reason they have had limited use until recently – 80% of all green roof plantings are sedum and related plants.  Sedums make an excellent small area ground cover.  Perhaps they are best utilized in containers, which have exploded in popularity in the last few years.  There is none better for ‘benign neglect’ than the versatile genus Sedum, sometimes called Stonecrop.

One of the favorite sedums, Tetractinum (Chinese sedum), has almost flat ground hugging bright green foliage and runners up to 12” long.  It has bright yellow blooms in early to mid-spring but is grown more for the form and texture and the bloom. Chinese sedum does well in full sun to full shade.  Foliage is brighter green in the shade and more compact and richer deep green in more sun.  It is fast growing and will double in size in one year.  It is an excellent filler plant for containers, staying flat and draping over the sides of the container.  Chinese sedum is also effective mixed with dwarf Mondo grass as a ground cover or mixed with any other drought tolerant perennial or smaller carex.

Plant a few sedum and welcome to the addiction – you can’t stop with just one!

Paul Little, Little Hill Nursery