Daylilies – June Superstar

The genus name Hemerocallis comes from the Greek words “hemera” (day) and ‘kallis’ (beauty) and reflects the short duration of the flower since each bloom lasts for only one day.  One flower stalk produces dozens of flower buds and some older varieties can produce hundreds of blooms.  Daylilies are natives of the far-east and were valued for food and medicinal purposes.  Orange and yellow varieties were introduced into Europe over four hundred years ago.  By the seventeenth century, they crossed the Atlantic to North America and were a carefree choice of pioneers who discovered daylilies would thrive in any soil and climate and could be propagated easily by just dividing clumps.

Today, daylilies have been bred to produce outstanding blooms in every color, shape and height.  Along with color and height, daylilies have also been bred for fragrance and re-blooming ability.

The following varieties are great choices for fragrance:  Spiritual Corridor, Voodoo Dancer, Passion for Red, Sunday Gloves, San Ignacio, Vanilla Fluff, Pumpkin Festival, Bold Tiger, and Hyperion.

The following varieties, which have been developed to re-bloom, also make good borders:  Lavender Stardust, Scottish Fantasy, Royal Braid, Black Eyed Susan, Blueberry Candy, Soft Summer Night, Majestic Move, Prarie Wildfire, Round Midnight, Happy Returns and Rosy Returns.

If you have a sunny spot in your landscape, try these perennial favorites that provide lovely greenery even after the blooms are gone.  You literally have thousands of cultivars to choose from which look outstanding when massed together or as a border for you beds.