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Welcome to Memphis Horticultural Society

The purpose of the Memphis Horticultural Society (MHS) shall be the study of plants and the exchange of information among the members on the care, cultivation and propagation of plants, their design in the garden, and their survival and protection in the environment.

It shall also be the purpose of the Society to serve as a source of information for and a link between the horticultural community and the media, the general public and future generations.

Meeting Dates and Location

Unless prior notification is given in the Monthly newsletter, all MHS meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of the Goldsmith Civic Garden Center; located at the Memphis Botanic Garden, 750 Cherry Road, Memphis, Tennessee.


The subject of the program and the speaker will be listed in the monthly newsletter mailed to every member. A tentative schedule of events is listed on the events calendar.

2014 Lineup
January - Dr. Sue Hamilton is the director of the University of Tennessee Gardens will present 'Hot New Plants and Gardening Trends for 2014'
February - Join Nick Esthus, curator of the Japanese Garden of Tranquility at Memphis Botanic Garden, will share his experience from his recent trip to Kyoto Japan where he attended a two week Intensive Seminar presented by the Research Center for Japanese Garden Art & Historical Heritage, held at the Kyoto University of Art & Design.
Guests $5.00
Society Members Free.
March - Jim Crowder of Dan West Nursery will cover two topics in his presentation. First he will speak on new plant introductions that will be available this year then he will discuss how to care form them. His discussion will include both organic and synthetic approaches to fertilizing and insect control.
April - Tricia Hunt Millstone Market and Nursery will present a talk about "Door Appeal for Spring"
May -
June - Annual Picnic
July -
August -
September -
October -
November -
December - Christmas Party

2013 Lineup
January - Suzy Askew ('Winter Gardens' - Tips to highlight the beauty and view of the winter garden using the tools of evergreen foliage, bare branches, berries, and sometimes even blossom)
February - Mariah Smith (''Gardening at Your Fingertips'' - How to make our home computer one of our
most used gardening tools)
March - Stanley Wise, Jr. ('Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, High Tunneling We Will Go' - County Extension Director Union County, MS will teach us how to make a low-cost back yard high-tunnel unheated greenhouse to lengthen the growing season.)
April - Dr. Frank A. Hale, Ph.D. ('It's a bug eat bug world' - Professor, Horticultural Crops Entomology Dept. of Entomology and Plant Pathology UT Extension Soil, Plant and Pest Center will focus on how you can
maximize biological control in your landscape. He will also alert you to some of the new invasive pests that are threatening plants in Tennessee landscapes, forests and crops.)
May - Christine Spindel, founding member of the Memphis horticultural Society, will speak on the history and her hopes for the future of the organization.
June - Annual Picnic and plant swap
July - TBA
August - Barry and Sherri McCalla will conduct virtual tours of the Longwood, Winterthur and Chanticleer Gardens in the Philadelphia area with their program, '3 Days; 3 Gardens'.
September - TBA
October - Dr. John Giesemann ('Managing Your Digital Photos' - Computer Specialist, Miss. State University
Extension Service, will tell us how to use our garden photos. He will talk about always keeping the
original, about different programs for editing and resizing photos and about making CD/DVDs for
archiving your photos.)
November - TBA
December - - Christmas Party


Memphis Horticultural Society dues are paid by the calendar year, January through December. Persons joining after July 1 will be charged half of the annual membership fee. The dues for 2013 are:

$25.00 - Individual Senior Membership (55 years and older)
$30.00 - Individual Membership
$35.00 - Family Membership (two people at the same mailing address)
$75.00 - Corporate Membership

Current Officers and Board

Officers and Board of Directors

President - Larry Griffin
Vice President –Thomas Rieman
Secretary - Cheryl Loakhart
Treasurer - Bill Ferrell
Ways & Means - Jim Gafford
Membership Chair - Emelia Miekicki
Program Chair - Thomas Rieman
Immediate Past President - Barry McCalla

Committee Members

Ways & Means Committee - Jim Gafford
Membership Committee - Betty Griffith & Loretta McCallie
Newsletter Editor - Connie Shepherd
Newsletter Committee - Ginny Fletcher, Sharon Lusk & Emelia Miekicki
Website Committee - Barry McCalla
Hospitality / Refreshments - Barbara Gavrock
Floral Arrangements -
Plant Exchange - Tina McWhorter and Linda Pittman
Historian -
Urban Championship Trees - Laurie Williams


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